Kaspersky Lab Sponsor 46 Aviation Aircraft Fleet

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- December 19th 2017 - 46 Aviation SA are proud to announce 'Kaspersky Lab' as it's sponsor for the entire aircraft fleet.    46 Aviation is based in the Swiss town of Sion operating Warbirds, Aerobatics and Wingwalking.     Emiliano Del Buono, 46 Aviation’s CEO and chief pilot is thrilled to announce this new partnership and says [...]

46 Aviation Wingwalking at Athens Flying Week

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- September 19th 2017 - Danielle and Emiliano have returned back to base after performing their Wingwalking act in Greece at the wonderful Athens Flying Week 2017. Emiliano ferry flew the Stearman a whopping 1600 km to Tanagra Airforce Base, routing through Italy, Corfu and then across to Athens. This was the second year 46 Aviation [...]