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46 Aviation Wingwalking at Athens Flying Week

- September 19th 2017 - Danielle and Emiliano have returned back to base after performing their Wingwalking act in Greece at
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Athens Flying Week 2017

- September 12th 2017 - Last year, 46 Aviation Danielle became the first ever Wingwalker in Greece! This weekend Danielle
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Emiliano is the new Swiss Free-style aerobatics Champion

- August 26th 2017 - Emiliano Del Buono is the new Swiss Free-style aerobatics Champion, result achieved at the 2017 Swiss National
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pornic airshow

Pornic Airshow

- July 16th 2017 - Danielle hangs from the plane as it flys past the crowd inverted!
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la ferte alais

La Ferte Alais

- June 2nd 2017 - Danielle poses from in-between the wings of the biplane during a loop at La Ferte Alais
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new engine

New engine for the Yak 9

- May 30th 2017 - Emiliano after the first test flight with the Yak 9's new engine.
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Flying beside the Matterhorn

- April 29th 2017 - It’s a cool way to see the Matterhorn, when you’re in the C-3605 looping beside it!
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Baby it’s Cold outside!

- December 30th 2016 - A winter's day flight in the stunning C-3605.
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Athens Flying Week

- September 21st 2016 - 46 Aviation brought their Wingwalking show all the way over to Athens! Danielle is the first
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ground support vehicle

46Aviation’s ground support vehicle

- September 6th 2016 - 46 Aviation’s ground support vehicle matches the Extra’s livery! By AircraftStudioDesign.
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Torino Airshow

Torino Alitalia Airshow

- July 2nd 2016 - 46 Aviation enjoying Torino with the Extra 330 SC and the Wingwalking Stearman.
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RIO Ecuvillens

- June 25th 2016 - Today we enjoyed displaying the C-36 at RIO Ecuvilliens! Tomorrow we come with the Yak
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